Christopher Friesen

Radio Frequency International Report is an on-line weblog focused on publishing timely content to inform the radio hobbyist, artist, activist and enthusiast community about events, occurrences, personalities and releases of interest that could be generally considered part of a broad “radio culture.” RFIR is heavily dependent on organizations and individuals involved in these pursuits for news tips and article suggestions.

RFIR is not interested in publishing real-time logging’s of pirate or anomalous radio stations/signals, however information on trends in these activities or newsworthy station contact information/frequency changes is welcome.

RFIR will review artistic releases including books, cd’s, vinyl records, pictorial works, etc. Please contact the editor at the email address below with a brief outline of the project to be reviewed and information on where to send the material will be provided.

Editorial submissions in the form of press releases are welcome.

For all other editorial submissions, please query first.

Send all submissions and correspondence to:

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