Short Attention Span Mysteries Anthology

How fast can you solve a mystery? Can you sleuth out the clues in a minute? Can you figure out what happened to the victim in a flash? Are you ready for quick mysteries like these?

There are three stories where crimes are solved by squirrels.
Three where a victim falls off a cliff.
Two involve a decaying corpse.
Two double-crossers find themselves double-crossed.
One story is told by a murderous horse.
One person inherits a haunted mansion; another a postage stamp.
One person is murdered with a watermelon in the grocery store check-out line.
Crimes are solved because of yoga pants, light-up sneakers, or a piece of string and poison is ingested through mushrooms, applesauce, alcohol, tea or chocolate cake.

L.K.C. Simone delivers an eclectic mix of mysteries that will challenge and entertain mystery buffs everywhere.


Christopher Friesen “Who Would Kill a Clown?”

Also Featuring

Nick Andreychuk “Accidents Happen” & “Just Another Mugging”
Tim Wohlforth “Angels Landing”
Stacy Jorene Sluys “Becky’s Murderer” & “The Graveyard Mystery”
Rex Browning “Bernie’s Revenge” & “Simple Breach of Trust”
Janet E. Gill “The Best Revenge”
Fleur Bradley “The Best Things in Life”
Michael Bracken “Better to Have Loved” & “Lightning Bugs”
Sharon Bell Buchbinder “Black Widow”
Steven Manchester “Buried Alive”
Art Montague “Busted”
John Floyd “Careers” & “Rainbow’s End”
John Weagly “Combustible Soup” & “Private Time”
Michelle Mach “Criminal Express” & “Squirreled Away”
Kathleen Clauson “Daylight”
Barry Baldwin “Double and Quits” & “Textual Perversion”
Megan Powell “The Female of the Species”
Barry Ergang “Final Judgement” & “Spring Idyll”
Kimberly Brown “Health Food Nut”
Patricia Wellingham-Jones “If Anything Happens to Me”
Terry Weide “Inspector Clive”
Rosalind Guy “Jasper’s Men” & “Nobody’s Room”
Guy Belleranti “Kitchen Killing”
Everette Bell “Martha’s Ache”
Michael Penncavage “Masquerade”
Sandra Levy Ceren “Memento”
Bobbye R. Terry “Minutia”
Stephen Rogers “Neighbor Hood”
Leslie Hunt “Passed Out”
Rekha Ambardar “Saint Joannie” & “The Last Goodbye”
Philip J. Lees “Silia”
Ed Lynskey “Slow, Driveways Ahead”
Rob Rosen “The Case of the Stolen Heirloom”
William Lengeman “Sunday Dinner”
Donna L. Zeller “The Key”
Simon Wood “The Stash”
Carrie Padgett “Vanilla Video”
Christopher Friesen “Who Would Kill a Clown?”
Janet E. Gill “The X’D Files”

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