Radio Frequency International Report is an online resource for the latest information on radio culture – the curious intersection of hobbyism, activism and artistic expression that occurs in the mysterious realm of the electromagnetic spectrum.

RFIR  reports on everything from fringe topics like pirate radio, low power fm broadcasting and transmission art, to the more mainstream world of am/fm broadcasting, shortwave listening and amateur radio. RFIR will examine the artifacts of radio culture, visit or re-visit the places radio has shown up in popular culture and the historical record, and it will report on the latest scientific research into radio or radio related topics.

About the editor:

Christopher Friesen is a professional technical and freelance writer. He is a lifelong radio hobbyist. He has written about a variety of topics including radio, art, electrical troubleshooting, networking protocols and the construction industry.

His fiction has been published on-line and anthologized in Kerlak Publishing’s Short Attention Span Mysteries and Dreams of Steam II: Brass and Bolts.

He has written for a variety of publications including: Monitoring Times Magazine, CQ VHF Magazine, Connector Specifier Magazine, CAUSTIC TRUTHS! Magazine, Wonka Vision Magazine, RV Technician Magazine, The Journal of Commerce, The Winnipeg Free Press and The Interlake Spectator.

He drinks coffee out of a “Radio Brand Coffee” mug sporting the image of an antenna tower blasting megawatts of electromagnetic caffeine to the world.

All Original Content Copyright © 2011 Christopher Friesen. All Rights Reserved.

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