Morse Code Skateboard

Posted on June 29, 2014


2o years ago I bought a skateboard by a company named Cream. The deck featured a simple graphic of an antenna tower with a ‘C’ at the top blasting out megawatts of rail-slide and 5-0 grinding awesomeness.


I was drawn to this deck simply because of the graphic. I’ve always allowed radio culture to  permeate the things I own or the things I’d like to own. Many of which I outlined in previous posts during my 5 days at 5 words per minute series, or in my Christmas gift guide.

Recently, while trying to find some information on my old deck I found this custom Morse-code inspired design by European pro skateboarder Vivien Feil:

communication-series-vivien-feilSure it’s a bit of a vanity job with Feil’s name being spelled in Morse code, but the simple dots and dashes always make for an interesting design. If I were to buy a new skateboard deck today, this design would by my first choice.

The Vivien Feil deck is just one in the “Communication” series by Magenta Skateboards. Other decks in the series feature the names of different pro’s spelled out in Semaphore, Sign Language and Braille.