5 Days at 5 Words Per Minute Roundup

Posted on August 17, 2013


This past week, Radio Frequency International Report has been celebrating the language of radio: Morse Code.

Many people think Morse Code is obsolete, replaced by more advanced forms of digital data transmission. And while that might be true, it is not a dead language.

It’s life is maintained by the many amateur radio operators who cherish the code and honor it’s past by continuing to use it for their communication. It’s also being given new life by artists, artisans and designers who have begun to incorporate the characters, thinking and ethos of Morse Code (art and skill) into their works.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to check out any one, or all, of these posts. I hope you learned something about Morse Code and its use that you didn’t know before. And I hope you gained a new or renewed appreciation for the original language of radio: Morse Code.

Here is a round-up of all five days at 5 Words Per Minute:


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Day 5: The Art and Skill of Radio Telegraphy