The Ultimate Polo Shirt – 5 Days @ 5WPM – Day 4

Posted on August 15, 2013



Need to send a message? One that says you are stylish and refined but playful, and that you are, perhaps, the coolest hipster radio operator around?

Then grab your straight-key and send off a radiogram to Netherlands based morse code© clothing and order one of their “ultimate” polo shirts.

Calling itself a “lifestyle brand,” the company’s website says morse code© clothing began producing its high quality garments, designed by Rudolf H.C. Mors, in 2008. Mors, the site says, drew inspiration from an efficient and versatile garment invented in the 1800’s by players of the Hurlingham Polo Club near Buenos Aires, Argentina.

 “Since morse code® wants to be known for the best polo shirts in the world, it focuses on one product only,” their website says.

The shirt comes in two styles, the short-sleeved Alpha1, which emphasizes the masculine bicep, and the long-sleeved Alpha2. Both styles also feature slim fits, a deep placket with four buttons and button-down collars.

The button-down collars offer wearers the opportunity to transition from the informal to the formal by adding the only other product offered by morse code© clothing – a skinny Italian silk tie.


“morse code® takes the polo shirt one step beyond by pushing its degree of both innovation and comfort to the limit,” the site says.

These shirts aren’t only stylish and unique; they also incorporate Morse Code characters in the various elements of the garments. The logo, located on the right side of the chest, is a simple A (for Alpha) spelled out in the Morse character of a dot followed by a dash. All the other tags on the garment, including the care and washing instructions, contain Morse code messages as well.


Finding one of these shirts in time for your next Amateur Radio Club meeting might not be easy. No North American retailers are listed among the stores on the company’s website. In fact, the shirts aren’t available in any retail location outside of Europe. But they can be ordered on-line and run 85 Euros (approximately $116 CAD or $113 USD) for the Alpha1 and 100 Euros for the Alpha 2.

The morse code© clothing products are stylish and, with their embedded code, would make a unique accessory for any hipster radio operator. Wearing one of these shirts will definitely send a message, one the company, and all radio operators want to broadcast as widely as possible.

That message: “Let’s communicate.”

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