Free103point9 Becomes Wave Farm

Posted on July 19, 2013


Transmission Art collective free103point9 has changed their name to Wave Farm, according to a post on the home page of their website. The post refers to the change as a “progressive retirement” of the old name which dates back to 1997 and represents the slice of spectrum the artist collective occupied with their unlicensed broadcasting – back then.

Calling the old name “lovable, but overly complicated” free103point9 says they are moving to a name that they’ve been using since 2005 for their rural New York location. The new name also has another unique connection to radio and history.

“The word broadcast dates back to 1776 in reference to farmers spreading seed” the post states. “Wave Farm is cultivating many new crops these days.”

In days past I wrote about free103point9 in Monitoring Times Magazine.

And more recently I managed to finally post a brief review of the book they published a few years ago.

I always liked the old name and never found it to be overly complicated but despite this retirement, it’s nice to see the organization progressing. To learn more about Wave Farm/free103point9, visit their website.

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