Building the Slapshot Antenna

Posted on July 8, 2013


My article in the Spring 2013 issue of CQ VHF Magazine

My complimentary copy of the Spring issue of CQ VHF magazine arrived today. The issue features my article on building an amateur radio satellite antenna from some spare parts and a hockey stick.

The hockey stick makes a great boom and gives the whole project some Canadian flare.

I built this antenna in winter and between January and March was able to log more than ten solid contacts on the only Low Earth Orbit (LEO) FM satellite currently in operation – SO-50.

After making several treks outside in -20 C and colder weather, I implemented a policy of only attempting to catch a pass when the temperature was above -10 C.

Most of the contacts were made on high passes from a field next to my house, but I was also able to make contacts in my backyard, surrounded by rooftops, fences and trees.

If you can find a copy on news stands pick it up and checkout mine, and all the other great articles in the issue.

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