Two O’Clock, Eastern Wartime

Posted on September 6, 2011


Written by: John Dunning

Published by: Simon & Shuster

Paperback ISBN: 0-7434-0615-X

509 Pages

Jack Dulaney is writer living on the tramp. A bad ear has kept him out of the war but his surly disposition has landed him in the local county lock-up. This isn’t good, since his friend Kendall has just informed Jack that the woman he loves, Holly Carnahan, is in trouble and needs his help back home.

Jack breaks out of the prison work-gang and make his way across the country to find her. The police are on his tail but so are some unknown shady characters. Once home, he learns his girl has disappeared and the only clue leads him to a town in New Jersey. There he changes his name, continues his investigation, and begins working at the local radio station writing copy. He soon learns that the radio station has some mysteries of its own.

He gains the trust and friendship of the radio station’s staff and he regains the trust of his girl. Jack’s radio plays get more dramatic as he gets closer to the truth about what’s been going on at the radio station, a sinister truth that can have deadly consequences.

Drama is at the heart of this period novel. Dunning’s work is rich in character and setting and is a compelling, intriguing and complex mystery. It’s slow pace allows for carefully crafted scenes filled with drama, intrigue, and history. You can almost hear it as you read it. In fact Two O’clock, Eastern Wartime would make a great radio drama.