Radio News Studio on the Cheap

Posted on September 3, 2011


Looking to start a Low Power FM or internet streaming station? Perhaps you’ve been thinking about starting up a radio news program that you would like to contribute to an active radio station but lack access to a proper studio.

A recent issue of Radio World magazine has an interesting article by Paul Kaminski explaining how he used a beefed-up net book, an audio recorder and Audacity’s free software to produce shows for his Motor Sports Radio Network, where he is the News Director.

Fortunately for Kaminsky, he had the use of an Olympus audio recorder for free, but many of the tips he provides could easily be adapted to any of the affordable audio recorders available. And while he used a net book, the techniques in the article could easily be adapted to a laptop or desktop computer system.

“If the thinking about what a reporter must do in the field is done before the reporter goes to the field,” Kaminsky says in the article’s conclusion, “then those results can be delivered at or even under the smallest of budget – and done easily – with open source audio editing programs like Audacity, and smaller footprint, cheaper, netbook computers, like the Asus Eee.”

View and read the entire article here.