The End Of Analog

Posted on August 28, 2011


Canada’s transition to digital over-the-air television is scheduled for August 31, 2011, two years after the United States effected their own transition.

Recently, the CRTC extended the CBC’s deadline for transition in 22 of the markets where the CBC has no plans to transition to digital broadcast technology.

” As the national public broadcaster, the CBC has a unique mandate to serve the entire Canadian population. A one-year extension is necessary to guarantee over-the-air viewers in some mandatory markets do not lose access to the signals of CBC television stations and have sufficient time to find alternate means of accessing them,” the CRTC’s website says.

The American transition created consumer confusion and the deadline for conversion was extended to allow people more time to upgrade their television sets, or purchase set-top-box converters.

“The End of Analog,” an exhibition held in the spring of 2009 at the Roots and Culture Gallery in Chicago, explored the arrival of the digital television era.

“The move from analog to digital opens up a space of uncertainty regarding the status of physical objects and bodies, leading us to ask: What is materiality in the digital age?” the End of Analog’s legacy blog says. “The artists in this show prefigure the post-analog landscape, creating objects and images that explore this looming question from multiple angles.”

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