“Studio” Linocut by Philipp Hennevogl

Posted on August 16, 2011


In the Artist Statement for his portion of the “Linocuts Reloaded” exhibition, currently on at the Galerie WAGNER + PARTNER, German artist Philipp Hennevogl says he has been making linocuts since he was a child.

“I simply feel in my natural element in this technique, and I express myself best through it,” his statement says.

“Studio,” the image above is an example of how he effects the “transformation of reality into a cut” through a “process of reducing things to their basic elements,” in this case the tangled, beautiful mess of wires that surround some form of production studio.

Of the art form, the Galerie’s website says it is reemerging from the annals of traditional graphic design.

“Emerging artists are increasingly harnessing the linocut to explore contemporary themes, taking what was once simply considered a traditional graphic technique and elevating it as a legitimate form,” the site says.

The show also features works by three other artists: CLAAS GUTSCHE, THOMAS KILPPER, SEBASTIAN SPECKMANN.

The image above was cut from the PDF of the exhibition’s booklet.

The show runs until August 20, 2011.

The Galerie WAGNER + PARTNER is located on Karl-Marx-Allee 87, 10243 in Berlin.

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