Shortwave Pirate Feud Heats Up

Posted on August 12, 2011


John Poet, the broadcaster behind recently raided pirate radio station “The Crystal Ship” has taken, once again, to e-mailing his listeners and supporters to dispute new claims by the fellow pirate operator who, Poet believes, informed the FCC about his location.

In the e-mail and on his blog, Poet alleges his fellow pirate operator has attempted to deflect blame by fraudulently publishing documentary evidence – a phony email – that indicates a well-known shortwave listener was behind the tip that led to the FCC raid on The Crystal Ship’s transmission site.

“Since this matter concerns the slander of a well-known DXer, [NAME REMOVED – ed.],  through the use of manufactured e-mail messages– which I can and do prove are fake, irrefutably– I thought it prudent to notify as many radio people as possible about this posting,” Poet’s e-mail said.

Poet is convinced the operator he accuses of “ratting” him out to the FCC is trying to frame an innocent radio hobbyist in an effort to deflect blame.

“The publishing of this manufactured email may tend to answer the remaining doubts of some, about whom it really was that passed information to the FCC” the e-mail concludes.

RFIR has not attempted to contact either side in this dispute for comment.

Editors Note: Both sides in this dispute have taken to the blogosphere to air their grievances and accusations at each other. Their accusations, were they not leveled by people hiding behind pseudonyms and false persona’s and engaged in criminal activities (unlicensed broadcasting), would appear to contain libelous and slanderous content. RFIR, admittedly, is hesitant to report anything that could be construed as perpetuating slander or libel, however the public nature of this dispute will be considered as approval to identify both  parties in future postings. No allegations have been proven in a court of law and it should be understood that judicial arbitration of this dispute is highly unlikely.

Also note that pirate radio operator’s websites may contain profanity and other content that is offensive.

More to come…

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