Firefly Festival in Rhode Island to Feature LED Sculpture, Costumes

Posted on August 9, 2011


The Engine Institute, an organization that fuses art and science, is presenting the first ever “Firefly Festival” in Pawtucket, RI, on September 17, 2011.

The free event is intended to celebrate Fireflies and highlight concerns about the connection between increasing light pollution and the reduction in firefly populations.

“The Firefly Festival is an exciting innovative new concept event that is designed to bring people together under the realization that the waning of the wonderful and fleeting firefly is a metaphor for the fragility of our ecology,” the Engine Institute’s official announcement says.

Organized by Rhode Island artist and Engine Institute founder China Blue, the festival will feature dance performances by the Providence Ballet and music by local bands and musicians.

“The band list for the festival is currently in development,” China Blue said in an email, noting that bios for the line-up will be posted soon.

China Blue designed the original costumes – featuring gossamer capes embedded with flickering LEDs – that the dancers will be wearing.  Her LED sculptures will also be featured in the dance pieces and at the festival site.

China Blue’s sculptures are currently on display at the Newport Art Museum until September 5.

In 20o8 she released a CD featuring “A surprising selection of rhythm, ambient, pop and structural pieces which play with the sampled sounds of the Eiffel Tower.”

The Firefly Festival will start at 2:00 at Slater Memorial Park Daggett Farm, Pawtucket, RI.

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