Industry Press Mentions Pirate Radio, Amateur Radio and LPFM in One Issue

Posted on August 5, 2011


The August 1 issue of Radio World Magazine, which is available to view free in electronic format, contains an editorial on the economic benefits of Pirate Radio, an article on the Dayton Hamvention and an commentary on Low Power FM by an organizer from Prometheus Radio Project.

The editorial “Does Pirate Radio Create Jobs?” by Paul McLane explores the claims of Radio Survivor’s Matthew Lasar, who attempted to calculate the economic benefits of unlicensed broadcasting – in response to the National Association of Broadcasting’s own study about the economic impact of commercial radio.

“Another (Slightly Different) Radio Show” by James E. O’neil, discusses this year’s Dayton Hamvention which was held back in May. The show featured 20,ooo participants, a massive flea market and live broadcasts by WBCQ’s Ted Randall.

And finally, in “LPFM: A Dream That Never Died,” Hannah Sassaman recounts the “Lessons Learned From the Fight for Low-Power FM Radio.”

The Radio World Website also features a post on the panoramic photos of the Maritime Radio Historical Society’s transmitters. I wrote about the MRHS and it’s QSL Mistress in Monitoring Times Magazine a few years ago.

The next issue of Radio World’s magazine will be out on August 10.

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