Pirate Radio Station “The Crystal Ship” Shut Down; Accuses Fellow Pirate of Mutiny

Posted on July 30, 2011


Veteran pirate operator John Poet announced today, in an email to listeners and supporters, that the “Radio Revolution” has ended. His station “The Crystal Ship” has been permanently shut down by “an FCC ‘Notice of Unlicensed Operation'” that was delivered to the site of his station’s last transmission.

“Yes, ” a post on his blog says, “we are (more or less) busted.”

Poet, who has been active in the short wave pirate scene for almost 30 years without ever running afoul of law enforcement, says the knock on door came back in May.

Poet is accusing a fellow radio pirate, with whom he had been feuding in the lead-up to the FCC action, of turning informant.

Poet believes his fellow pirate operator was responsible for “making a complaint against The Crystal Ship to the Federal Communications Commission, and providing them with specific details which made for an ‘easy bust'”, the email said.

Poet has outlined his complete accusation on his blog.

RFIR has not yet attempted to contact either party in the dispute for comment.

Despite the current set-back The Poet says, in his blog post, The Crystal Ship may set sail in another form.

“It is possible, however, even likely, that new programs will eventually show up in ‘relay land’, broadcast by other operators, some time in the future,” the post says.

He has asked interested operators to contact him.

More to follow…

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