Radio Activity

Posted on July 24, 2011


Rich Shannon is a down-and-out Radio DJ contemplating selling his prized collection of vinyl. When he lands a job at a southern Radio station as program director, he sets out to remake the classic rock format. He starts by scratching the “Stairway to Heaven” track off the station’s copy of the record. He also finds a mysterious tape recording that might help explain why the former program director is missing. As Rick settles into his new job and his new life, he turns P.I. and investigates the disappearance.

The station manager is a sleazy operator and Rick suspects the station is corrupt – its contests fixed. Soon he has the radio station’s pretty secretary, Traci, at his side and in his bed. Together they work to solve the mystery of the missing program director, while saving both their jobs and cruising to the music that they love.

Radio Activity is a satisfying read, light and humorous, it’s perfect for people who love rock-and-roll and love radio. Fitzhugh, himself no stranger to the art of rock DJing, does use this book to air his concept of classic rock, you may agree, you may disagree, you may be indifferent but in any case, in this book you will get a good mystery surrounded by an interesting setting and fun characters.

Title: Radio Activity

Author: Bill Fitzhugh

Paperback ISBN: 0380806371

340 pages

Posted in: Pop Culture