New Blog Reports on Everything Radio

Posted on July 24, 2011


Radio Frequency International Report is a new blog that will cover the entire spectrum of radio information – with a strong focus on the more off-beat and fringe topics.

Focusing on information of interest to the radio hobbyist, artist and activist communities, RFIR will report on the latest information from the world of pirate radio, low power fm and the transmission art scene to its readers. It will cover developments in the shortwave listening and amateur radio communities. And it will highlight scholarly research work and scientific developments involving electricity, electronics and the electromagnetic spectrum.

But it won’t just be about radio. All forms of electronic communication, wired and wireless will be covered in short news pieces and original feature stories.

RFIR will make every effort to bring you interesting reports any time radio and communication technology rears its head in popular culture, in the sub-culture, on T.V. shows or in books.

Thanks for stopping by and looking around. There isn’t much on the report yet, but new content will be added shortly and on an on-going basis so be sure to check back often.

News tips are always welcome, anything related to any aspect of radio activist, artist or hobbyist community can be sent to:

Welcome to the Radio Frequency International Report.

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