July 3, 2014

Morse Code Skateboard

June 29, 2014


2o years ago I bought a skateboard by a company named Cream. The deck featured a simple graphic of an antenna tower with a ‘C’ at the top blasting out megawatts of rail-slide and 5-0 grinding awesomeness. I was drawn to this deck simply because of the graphic. I’ve always allowed radio culture to¬† permeate […]

World Radiosport Team Championship 2014

May 8, 2014


Radio World Magazine published my article on the World Radiosport Team Championship. Check the article out here. The organizing committee set up 25 test stations in 2013, during the International Amateur Radio Union’s HF Championship contest. I managed to work at least two of the stations and recently received the QSL cards: This year’s event […]

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Cobra Keeps you Prepared with New Weather Alert Radio

May 2, 2014


Cobra Electronics Corporation recently announced the general availability of the Cobra CWR 200 Emergency and Weather Alert Radio, an all-purpose weather and emergency preparedness radio that helps users to stay prepared, connected and safe during emergency weather and other emergencies. As recent severe weather-related disasters have shown, preparedness is key in minimizing danger. The new […]

The most interesting radio operator in the world #2

April 16, 2014


Spy Numbers in the Movies – the one Wikipedia forgot

April 10, 2014


My article on Spy Numbers stations in the January issue of Radio World Magazine has already been added to the “Further Reading” section of the Wikipedia article on the topic. The Wikipedia article also contains a section which lists the places where numbers stations have been referenced in mass media. But they are missing one: […]